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Located in the heart of the Fashion District of New York City, Miller and Berkowitz Furs brings to you the finest in high-end apparel from the best designers from around the world.  Miller and Berkowitz Furs offers the most luxurious furs at wholesale prices. Our showroom features exquisite styles of furs, shearling, reversible raincoats, and cashmeres from Milan and Paris.  Peruse our amazing collections at your leisure or allow us to make you a custom fur that is fitted to your exact specifications.

Miller and Berkowitz Furs are the pre eminent experts in fur restyling and fur remodels. Our trusted craftsmen will sculpt your, old, out of date, used fur into a fresh, stylish garment that’s functional as well as fabulous!

Miller and Berkowitz Furs also features a full fur factory that specializes in fur repairs and alterations. From something as simple as a loose button that needs to be tightened, to something more complex like a fur shortening, Miller and Berkowitz Furs excels in ALL areas of fur restoration and revitalization!

Miller and Berkowitz Furs is proud to offer to our clientele state of the art, climate controlled, cold storage vaults.

  Your coats will be in a safe, cool environment away from the harsh summer heat.

“Miller and Berkowitz Furs, luxury apparel at wholesale prices!” Call (212) 244-5459 today for an appointment!